Enjoy the best bungee jumping with Máxima Aventura. Máxima Aventura offers you bungee jumping from 50m high with the maximum guarantee of safety and professionalism. Don’t risk it, trust in real professionals.

Bungee Jumping in Albentosa
Bungee Jumping in Albentosa, 1 hour from Valencia, Castellón or Teruel.

Bungee jumping is a monopendular jump from a height of 50m with a rope. Throw yourself into the void and live the unique experience of bungee jumping with Máxima Aventura.
Level: Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that requires no previous experience.
The term bungee jumping refers to the type of pendulum jump with a rope that is performed from bridges.

Maxima Aventura – Bungee Jumping in Albentosa

After fixing the ropes to one side of the bridge, they are hoisted up to the other side where we will tie ourselves to the ends of the ropes and after tightening them… WE WILL JUMP INTO THE VACUUM!

The jump describes a great pendulum reaching the maximum speed at the lowest point of the fall. At this point, and due to the action of gravity, we will rise in constant deceleration to the highest point of the flight, where, passing through zero speed, we will feel ourselves floating until, once again, gravity does its work and we fall again.

After several pendulums, we will remain hanging from the ropes until we are lowered.

Maxima Aventura – Bungee jumping near Valencia

The materials used for this type of jumping are generally elements from the world of climbing:

  • dynamic sport climbing ropes
  • waist and chest harnesses
  • carabiners
  • flat belts
  • pulleys

You can perform two types of jump:
Headfirst: this is a jump facing the void, simulating the motor pattern of a headfirst jump into the pool, so that during the first moments of the fall, the body must perform a dive that places your head below your feet. When picked up by the ropes, the trajectory of the body will necessarily describe a somersault.
Backwards: in this modality, we jump with our back to the void and our feet, that is to say, we jump away from the structure of the bridge and let ourselves fall from the feet downwards. As we have the ropes between our legs, we must jump far away and open them wide to avoid entanglements and to allow a clean and dynamic flight.

MEETING POINT Bridge of the “Ojos Negros” greenway between Albentosa and Manzanera.
STARTING TIME We will receive the groups from 10:30 am. We will give you a start time to avoid queuing and unwanted waiting times.
END TIME Approximately 14:30 pm (depending on the total number of participants).
WHAT TO BRING? Sports clothes, trainers, something warm depending on the time of year, water.

Professional guides Individual and group equipment
RC Insurance Photos of your jumps

Everything included in the previous section.

At Máxima Aventura we are bungee jumping professionals with years of experience and official qualifications. We have the best Civil Responsibility insurance for our clients. We give you a free photographic report of your activity, which you can download from our Flickr page.

Maxima Aventura – Bungee jumping at Albentosa near Valencia


10.30 AM: Reception

We welcome the first groups to start the activity. You should arrive at the bridge at the time we have arranged for you to avoid waiting, but if you want to come earlier to see, no problem.

The journey by car from Valencia, Castellón or Teruel is approximately 60′.
The bridge is located in the village of Albentosa, 45′ from Montanejos.
The bridge is part of the viaduct “ojos negros”, nowadays transformed into a greenway for tourist use.
The bridge has a height of 55m, being one of the highest bridges for bungee jumping in Spain.


11.00 AM: Paperwork

Once we have arrived at the destination, the instructors will provide you with the service contract (which you have previously received by email for review) for all participants to sign. If any payment is outstanding, this will be the moment to settle the accounts. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU DO NOT SKIP. You must understand that once everything is ready for the jump, our work is done and therefore, whether you jump or not, the activity will be considered as done.

11.30 AM: Jumps

Once signed and paid for, the instructor will give you a safety briefing. You will be equipped with the necessary technical material and you will proceed to perform the jumps you have contracted. In case you want to do repetitions and you have not contracted them previously, these will be done respecting the turns of the following groups, to avoid waiting.
  1. Minimum recommended age 15 years (with parental consent).
  2. Not suffer from any illness or injury incompatible with the practice of this activity, especially those related to the heart, neck or back. It is the obligation of the participants to inform the organisation of any possible incompatibility, allergies or phobias.
  3. Not being pregnant.
  4. Failure to inform the company of any of these incompatibilities, objective or supposed, will be grounds for exoneration of all responsibility on the part of the instructors and the company.

The price of the activity is based on the need for a minimum group of 6 people.

It is possible to do the activity with smaller groups, but the price will be increased by a supplement to cover the minimum necessary expenses.

These supplements are:

  • 1 person: 240€.
  • 2 people: 120€/p
  • 3 people: 80€/p
  • 4 people: 60€/p
  • 5 persons: 48€/p
Puenting en Albentosa con Maxima Aventura
Bungee Jumping Albentosa - Valencia
Puenting en Albentosa
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