The fact of participating in any of the activities organized by MONTANEJOS TURISMO Y AVENTURA S.L.U. B-42998971, trade name Máxima Aventura registered in the Conselleria de Turisme with the registration number: TA-91-CS, implies full acceptance by the participant of the general conditions, which are valid as a contract. In the event that a participant registers several participants or a group, he/she shall be obliged to communicate the general conditions established herein to the rest of the participants registered by him/her. However, prior to the realization of any activity, all participants must read and sign the service contract provided by Máxima Aventura.

General conditions for the provision of the service

The prices indicated are per person and include VAT. Prices may vary depending on the number of participants, which will be clearly explained and published both on this website and through the email provided by the USER. Unless literally expressed otherwise, the hiring of external services (accommodation, transportation, …) will be at the expense of the customer, although to facilitate these services, sometimes they can be managed by Máxima Aventura. This management will be free of charge and will not be part of our invoiced services.

Participants will be previously informed about the characteristics and difficulty of the activity, environment preservation measures, knowledge, safety rules and materials to be used.

The activity contract includes a civil liability insurance policy and an accident insurance policy for all participants. If you would like more information about these activities, you can request them through our e-mail address hola@

The price includes the necessary equipment, both individual and collective. All equipment and materials are purchased in the EC and have the proper certification if any. In the technical data sheet of each activity published in this web site, the necessary equipment for the activity is specified.

Máxima Aventura has at the disposal of its clients a complaint form, which can be found in our customer service office located at Calle Carretera de Valencia, 14, Montanejos (Castellón).

Máxima Aventura will ensure the safety of the participants, as well as respect for the environment.

Photographs during the activity

Máxima Aventura provides its participants with photographs taken by the guides themselves during the activities. This gift is not part of the activity or the price of the activity. Máxima Aventura does not commit itself to deliver them nor to guarantee a minimum quality or quantity. This gift is therefore NOT RECLAIMABLE in any case.

The signing of the contract for the provision of services implies the authorization by the participants (both adults and minors in their care) for the taking of these graphic resources (including videos) and their subsequent use for commercial purposes through publication in our social networks, website or agreements with third parties that offer our activities or services. In the event that any participant does not wish to authorize the taking of photographs or their publication, he/she must communicate this in writing and reliably to those responsible prior to the activity.

Participant Obligations

Participants who contract any of the services provided by Máxima Aventura are aware that they are going to carry out an active tourism or adventure sport activity, assuming the risks inherent to the activity and the possibility of suffering a fortuitous accident in the natural environment.

Participants will be subject to the instructions given by the guides accompanying the group, who are responsible for the direction of the activity.

In the event that a participant or several participants decide of their own free will to ignore the instructions of the guides or even abandon an activity during its development, neither the guides nor Máxima Aventura will be responsible for the fate of the participants.

Participants are obliged to inform Máxima Aventura if they suffer from any type of illness or disability that could alter the normal functioning of the activity, if any female participant could be pregnant, she must also inform Máxima Aventura. Especially those related to heart problems or possible infection by COVID-19. These data will be treated with total confidentiality, as stated in our privacy policy.

The guides will have the power to deny participation to those participants who do not carry the individual equipment required for the activity (which is explained in the activity sheet and communicated via email) or do not meet the requirements of state or adequate physical condition for the effort to be made, not giving rise to any refund. Likewise, participants agree not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may affect their ability to react.

Underage participants must be accompanied by a father, mother or guardian, who must sign the service contract on their behalf. In the case of unaccompanied minors, it will be necessary to provide a document signed by one of their legal guardians authorizing the participation of the minor in the activity.

The participant is responsible for the equipment provided for the activity and must return it complete at the end of the activity. In case of loss of any of the elements during the course of the activity, the participant must pay the purchase price.

Máxima Aventura will not be responsible for any damage or deterioration that could be imputed to a participant for misuse, negligence or omission in the means, facilities or spaces used for the realization of the activities.


Reservations and subscriptions

Participants will make reservations through the web page where they will be asked for a series of data necessary to identify the participants and include them in the different insurance policies we have subscribed.

Reservations will be valid for 72 hours. If during this period at least 25% of the total amount has not been paid, the reservation will be cancelled and the places will be available for sale to other interested parties. It will be possible to reserve in advance higher amounts even paying the total amount.

100% of the total amount of the reservation must be paid 24 hours prior to the activity. The payment of the same can be made by bank transfer, once the transfer is made it is advisable to send the proof of the same to the email address hola@ so that we have proof of the same. In the case of having to settle any amount of reservation or advance payment, it will be done at the time prior to the realization of the activity, in our office or at the reception of groups in our activity base.

In the case of reservations for groups of more than 25 participants (schools, companies,…) the payment of 100% of the total amount must be made at least 7 days before the activity takes place.



In the event that the participant cancels his participation in an activity, he will be reimbursed as follows:

100% refund when the cancellation is communicated ten days before the activity is to take place.
50% of the amount paid will be refunded when the cancellation occurs between the 9th and 4th day prior to the activity.
0% refund of the amount paid when the cancellation occurs between the fourth and the same day of the activity.



In case the Client cancels an accepted quotation, it will be refunded as follows:

100% refund when the cancellation is communicated ten days before the activity takes place, minus 10% of the total budget for management fees.
50% refund of the amount paid when the cancellation occurs between the 9th and 4th day prior to the activity.
0% refund of the amount paid when the cancellation occurs between the fourth and the same day of the activity.

Failure to show up on the day of the activity will not imply any refund of the amount paid. In addition, if 15 minutes after the scheduled time at a meeting point for an activity, with or without notice of delay, Máxima Aventura will leave the meeting point and the amount of the reservation will not be refunded. In case of delay with notice, Máxima Aventura may shorten proportionally the development of the activity, if it allows it.


Máxima Aventura, through the figure of the Safety Director, makes its own weather forecast based on information obtained from various official sources (AEMET, METEOALERTA, GVA, …) and other weather models. The prediction of rain, storm or any other meteorological phenomenon announced in the media at regional level will in NO CASE imply the cancellation of activities and even less the right to cancel, postpone or change the date at the unilateral discretion of the user. The decision to modify, cancel or postpone activities rests with the Safety Director of Máxima Aventura and will be communicated as far in advance as possible to users.

The warning notices issued by both AEMET and GVA will be considered as follows in terms of activities:


YELLOW WARNING: Slight risk. The activities are NOT CANCELLED, and may undergo adaptations.

ORANGE NOTICE: Moderate risk. SOME ACTIVITIES MAY BE CANCELLED, others may be adapted. These decisions correspond to the safety director of Máxima Aventura.


EXCEPTIONS: Both with yellow warning and orange warning, there may be exceptions to the above, based on the LOCAL forecast made by the Safety Director of Máxima Aventura, due to the complex terrain of the area of Montanejos, in which it is very common that the announced storms do not come to manifest, while in the surrounding valleys do occur with virulence.

If the Safety Director deems it necessary to cancel or cancel an activity due to weather conditions, the possibility of a change of date without cost or a full refund of the reservation will be offered. This decision will be communicated as far in advance as possible, being very likely to be taken in the 4 hours prior to the activity due to the local and unpredictable nature of summer storms in the area of Montanejos.

Any modification or suspension of the activity once started due to causes beyond the control of the organization, will not imply the reimbursement of any amount or the replacement of the same, so we will try to start the activity in the most favorable conditions possible.

Máxima Aventura will not be responsible for the provisioning of the participants, except for those activities in which the contrary is indicated.

Máxima Aventura is committed to provide services within the legal framework of the current regulations of Tourism and Active Tourism of the Spanish State and the Valencian Community.