Enjoy white water kayaking with Máxima Aventura. We offer you a fun recreational kayaking route on the waters of the river Mijares, near Montanejos.

Whitewater kayaking in Montanejos

The Mijares river in its upper stretch offers us an initiation whitewater descent with several class II rapids. The environment of the upper Mijares is of great beauty and natural value. We will enter the river at La Monzona, a village in Puebla de Arenoso and we will finish the descent at the tail end of the Arenoso reservoir.

DEPARTURE POINT Máxima Aventura base in Montanejos (Castellón). Av. Fuente de Baños, 47.
DEPARTURE TIMETABLE We receive groups at 9:30 am and 4:30 pm (Other times on request).
ARRIVAL TIME Approximately at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
WHAT TO BRING? Swimming costume, backpack and towel.
Professional guide Individual and collective equipment
Civil liability insurance. icon_tick state=”on”]Changing rooms and WC. Outdoor showers.
Graphic report.

icon_tick state=”off”]Everything not included in the previous section.

At Máxima Aventura we are professional kayakers and white water rafters with years of experience. All of our guides are IRF Class III certified, qualified lifeguards and first aiders.

Our “Team Leaders” have obtained the prestigious title of White Water Rescue Technician awarded by the “Rescue3 International Association”. We have the best Civil Liability insurance for our clients. We give you a free photographic report of your activity, which you can download from our Flickr page.


9.30 AM - 10.30 AM: Meeting

We will meet at our base at Avenida Fuente de Baños, 47. Here we will hand over your personal equipment and head out to the river in our vehicles.

The journey by car is approximately 30′.
You can use the changing rooms and toilets to change. Dry clothes can be stored here.
Personal equipment consists of full wetsuit, socks and neoprene socks.


10.30 AM - 11.00 PM: Workshop

Before entering the water, you will be given the rest of your personal equipment consisting of lifejacket, helmet and double paddle and a mini-course on how to use the equipment as well as a safety talk by the guide.

11.00 AM - 1.00 PM: Descent

We start the descent of the river with some training and kayak handling before tackling the first rapids. Little by little we will overcome the steps until we reach the landing.

1.30 AM - 2.00 PM: Return to Montanejos

Once the route is finished, we will return the material and go back to the village. You will be able to use our changing rooms, showers and WC where we have left the dry clothes.

The price of the activity is 45€ per person and is based on the need for a minimum group of 5 people.

It is possible to do the activity with smaller groups, but the price will be increased by a supplement to cover the minimum necessary expenses.

These supplements are:

  • 1 person: 160€
  • 2 people: 80€/p
  • 3 people: 55€/p
  • 4 people: 50€/p
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