Trekking of the abysses in Montanejos. An adventure tour through one of the wildest and most impressive areas of the Valencian Community.

Enjoy a day of adventure in Montanejos, through the heart of the Maimona ravine.

This activity is ideal for those who are looking for an adventure activity that combines walking through the mountain, not necessarily on trails, with adventure activities such as rappelling, climbing, via ferrata, … Depending on the time of year we can enjoy bathing in the crystal clear and cold waters of the Maimona ravine.

Great wealth of heritage and biodiversity. Part of the route is declared a micro-reserve of flora and special protection area for birds. In its cliffs we will find the presence of large birds of prey, vultures, Egyptian vultures,… The mountain goat, always present in these lands, will observe us at all times with curiosity.


Information of interest


During the route we will enjoy the deep gorge of 3,600 meters long excavated by the river Mijares as it passes through the term of Montanejos. In this section the river and its tributary known as the Maimona ravine excavate Jurassic limestone giving rise to walls of more than 200 m high.


This landscape, known as the Estrechos, is dominated by the Neolithic archaeological site of the Cueva Negra de Montanejos (5,000 BC). In the same Maimona ravine, and strategically located, is the Maimona Cave, forming one of the most spectacular prehistoric-era cultural sites in the Region of Valencia.


In these environments of marked fluvial geomorphology, it is worth mentioning the presence of the vegetation of the limestone rocky walls together with the vegetation of the riparian forests.

From the heights of these vertical walls we can enjoy the exceptional views of the Mijares River as it passes through Montanejos. At the same time we will enjoy the history of the wide variety of productive activities carried out by man since ancient times, such as the use of the riverbed as a means of transport, the exciting history of crops and irrigation systems and the silvicultural exploitation of forests.


09:00 AM: Meeting

We will meet at our Base, located at Avenida Fuente de los baños, 47. It is the main road that leaves Montanejos towards Puebla de Arenoso. We are in front of the tourist train stop.

09:30: Preparations

Before leaving, you will have to sign contracts, make pending payments,… We will give you the personal equipment and we will give the safety talk where we will discuss all the details of the activity. Here you will have to communicate to the guide any injury or difficulty that you think is relevant and that does not violate our requirements policy. You will be able to use the WC.

10.00 AM: Departure

We will start walking from our base and in 5′ we will be in the Maimona ravine. The guide will be commenting on the highlights of the tour as well as the techniques to use at all times.

17.00 AM: Return

The return to the base will be approximately around 17:00, depending on the group it may be later. Therefore this activity contemplates the necessary breaks during the tour for lunch and snacks.
  1. Minimum recommended age 12 years (With parental authorization).
  2. Do not suffer from any illness or injury incompatible with the practice of this activity, especially those related to the heart, joints,…. It will be the obligation of the participants to inform the organization of any possible incompatibility as well as allergies or phobias.
  3. Not being pregnant.
  4. Failure to inform the company of any of these incompatibilities, objective or alleged, will be grounds for exemption from any liability on the part of instructors and company.

The price of the activity is based on the need for a minimum group of 4 people.

It is possible to do the activity with smaller groups, but the price will be increased by a supplement that will cover the minimum necessary expenses.

These supplements are:

1 person: 180€.
2 people: 90€/p
3 people: 60€/p
4 people: 50€/p
>4 persons: 45€/


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