Enjoy with Máxima Aventura the most exciting white water Cano-rafting. We offer you the best Cano-Rafting near Valencia, Castellón and Teruel.

White Water Cano-Rafting in Montanejos
The Mijares River is the setting for our most exciting water adventures. Now you have the chance to ride its rapids aboard our new Cano-rafts. These are inflatable canoes with one or two seats, similar in design to rafting rafts. Their stability and easy handling will allow you to go down the best white water rapids of Montanejos, under the supervision of our guides who will navigate with you with the “safty-kayak”.

Chillapájaros river Class III+

This is the section that runs from the Arenoso dam (the stream) to the Mijares straits, also known as the Chillapájaros straits. It is a Class III+ section where we will find the most powerful rapids in the Valencian Community. It is the same section where we do the Rafting and Hydrospeed activities.

We will take fun photos during the descent which you will be able to download for free from our RRSS.

  • DEPARTURE POINT Máxima Aventura base in Montanejos (Castellón). Av. Fuente de Baños, 47.
  • DEPARTURE TIME We receive the groups at 10:00 am.
  • ARRIVAL TIME Approximately 1:30 pm.
  • WHAT TO BRING? Swimming costume, backpack and towel.

Professional guide Individual and group equipment
Civil liability insurance. Changing rooms and WC. Showers.
Graphic report. Transport to the activity.

Everything not included in the previous section.

At Máxima Aventura we are white water professionals with years of experience. All our guides are IRF Class III certified, qualified lifeguards and first aiders.

Our “Team Leaders” have obtained the prestigious title of White Water Rescue Technician awarded by the “Rescue3 International Association”. We have the best Civil Liability and accident insurance for our clients. We give you a free photographic report of your activity, which you can download from our Flickr page.


09.30 AM – 11.00 AM: Transport

We’ll meet at our basecamp which location you’ll receive by mail or Whatsapp. Once the contract has been signed and the outstanding amount has been paid, we will provide you with your personal equipment consisting of a full wetsuit, neoprene socks, hard-soled booties, waistcoat and helmet. You will be able to use the changing rooms and toilets. Once ready we will head to the corresponding section of the river with our vans.

On arrival at the river, the Team Leader will meet you and accompany you to the start of the activity.


11.00 AM – 1.00 PM: Descent

Before entering the water, a mini-course on how to use the equipment and a safety talk will be given by our Team Leader. We will enter the water and a “training” session will take place before starting the descent of the rapids.


1.00 AM – 1.300 PM: Back to the base

At the end of the descent, we will take you back to the base where you can return your equipment and change in the changing rooms.

 We have outdoor showers and a picnic waiting area. If you are hungry or thirsty, there is nothing better than booking a great meal in one of the restaurants or terraces of the village, ask us!

  1. The minimum recommended age for the Los Cantos section is 8 years old for K2 and 12 for K1.
  2. The minimum recommended age for the Chillapájaros section is 12 years old.
  3. Know how to swim.
  4. Not suffer from any illness or injury incompatible with the practice of this activity, especially those related to the heart, neck and back. It is the obligation of the participants to inform the organisation of any possible incompatibility, allergies or phobias.
  5. Not to be pregnant.
  6. Not to be allergic to neoprene.

The price of the activity is based on the need for a minimum group of 6 people (in total), to cover the costs of the activity. If there are fewer of you, you can join other groups.

If there are no more people, it is possible to do the activity with groups of less than six, but the price will be increased by a supplement to cover the minimum necessary expenses.

These prices are:

  • 1 person: 220€.
  • 2 people: 110€/p
  • 3 people: 75€/p
  • >4 people: 55€/p
montanejos cano rating valencia maxima aventura
montanejos canorating valencia maxima aventura
Máxima Aventura - Cano-rafting
canorating montanejos valencia maxima aventura
Máxima Aventura - Cano-rafting
Máxima Aventura - Cano-rafting
cano rating valencia maxima aventura
Máxima Aventura - Cano-rafting
Máxima Aventura - Cano-rafting
cano rating montanejos maxima aventura
cano rating montanejos maxima aventura valencia
montanejos cano rating valencia maxima aventura